Building a Movement for Liberty

Through education, advocacy, and activism

What We Do


Amplifying the voices of top scholars on issues of individual liberty and free markets in education, health care, economic growth, and civil liberties. We look to our sister organization, Maine Policy Institute, and its Legislative Guidebook for effective reforms that advance liberty and personal responsibility.


Delivering policy solutions directly and passionately to Maine people and all levels of government to ensure individual rights and economic freedom are protected.


Energizing the next generation of lovers of liberty to become active and engaged in the issues facing their community. MCA is identifying concerned citizens, equipping them with the tools to engage all levels of government and to represent the philosophy of freedom in their community.

Maine Civic Action is devoted to identifying and training citizens to become active leaders in their communities. Through education, issue advocacy and activism, Maine Civic Action engages all levels of Maine government to pursue solutions that promote free markets, fiscal responsibility, and accountable government.

We work toward a Maine that attracts and empowers people with big ideas to take advantage of our beautiful way of life and serve their communities through the free exchange of ideas, goods, and services.

Maine Civic Action is a non-profit organization classified by the IRS as a 501(c)4. Donations to MCA are not tax-deductible.

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